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KeyStash is a simple to use and highly versatile open source software to manage your and customers Nxt accounts. The ease of maintenance and multiplatform support makes it an users's favorite. Built in front and backend allows especially enterprises to build services on it. Plugins contributed by the fantastic Nxt community allows for a broad range of use cases.


  • Multiplatform support
  • Open source
  • Wallet encryption (AES 128 Bit)
  • Private phrase encryption (AES 128 bit, 256 Bit)
  • Expert private phrase generation
  • Command line
  • Offline signing
  • Coldstorage
  • Custom account addresses
  • QR-Code support
  • Websocket(API)
  • Plugin support

What Is Nxt?

Nxt is a radically enhanced virtual cryptocurrency built from scratch, delivering a unique and decentralized financial platform. Not only does it open up new possibilities – from digital money to transfer of shares – but it addresses all of the most serious deficiencies in existing cryptocurrencies.

More Information visit: Nxt Wiki